Shouldies, Mighty Unsightly in Tighty Whities

Savannah’s Graveface Records debut a new label called NeverNotGoth this month. In addition to reissuing obscure darkwave and goth albums, the subsidiary provides a label home for new talents, including Atlanta’s Shouldies.

Former Man Up, Yancey members Yancey Ballard and John Pierce team with electronic music wiz Daniel Eberlein for the Shouldies’ debut release : ) (as in, a smiley face emoji is the album title), out March 8. Pre-release single “Bed” teases a collection of brisk, synth-driven songs imbued by post-punk and dance-pop and defined by socio-political conviction.

Outside looking in, it seems like a lot of talented young musicians in Atlanta happen to use electronic music influences, not garage or straightforward punk, as a means of expression. With synths and laptops sparking so much creativity locally as a new decade dawns, NNG won’t have to look too far North for new signees capable of making you think while making you dance.