The Pinx Try to Make a Living, Do the Best They Can

The Pinx’s lessons from the back pages of rock music continue with forthcoming album Sisters & Brothers, out April 11.

Chance McColl and frontman Adam McIntyre’s twin guitar leads come in as subtle as a chainsaw on the hard-hitting “Get Up” and “Brain Fog,” serving as the backbone of the group’s celebration of bluesy, bawdy American rock ‘n’ roll. When things get slowed down for the title track, McIntyre, McColl, bassist Charles Wiles and drummer Cayce Buttrey switch from sounding like the MC5 as a party band to embracing the musical legacy of home-state heroes the Allman Brothers and the Black Crowes. Both approaches get pulled off without the foursome sounding like a tribute act or bar band.

The nicest surprise of all comes as “Daughter of the River.” It’s a little over two-and-a-half minutes of gorgeous, piano-led instrumental music that’s more Southern pastoral than Southern rock. It shares a more introspective side of a multi-talented band, and it’s a satisfying palette cleanser before the album’s heavy rock home stretch.

An album release show is slated for Fri., April 12 at 529, featuring HeY!ALLigator, Gnomonaut and Chrome Castle.

Photo by Chris McKay.