We Versus the Shark Suck at Goodbyes

We Versus the Shark broke up in 2009, but they didn’t really mean it because six years later guitarist/vocalist Luke Fields, guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Samantha Paulsen, bass guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Jeff Tobias and drummer Scott Smith resurrected the Athens math-rock juggernaut for another round of ruckus. Their last album, Dirty Versions, along with the covers collection Murmurmur, both came out back in 2008, but last week the opus they’ve been intermittently constructing since reforming finally made its way to freedom. Don’t be deceived by the title, though. If anything, Goodbye Guitar unloads more raging, frantic, volatile electric fretboard spasms than ever.

For proof, check out the two songs they unveiled in advance of the full album: the unrelenting, clanging slam-piece “Righteous Vibes” and the Gang of Four-worthy slasher “We All Get a Raise.” Damn powerful stuff, there. Wish they’d play some more shows. Hell, I wish anyone would play some more shows.