What’s the Matter with Holy Beach?

Atlanta-based band Holy Beach formed earlier this year, and the six-piece is already ready to suit your angsty listening needs with its heavy, experimental debut album, All That Matters is This Matter.

When John Lally of shoegaze group Sleep Therapy’s songwriting took a metaphysical turn, he recruited guitarists Jon Hilton (Us Prizms), Mike Gibbs (Krem Love) and Jason Petty, plus the rhythm section of bassist Kevin Faivre and drummer Jordan Hershaft (The Tens). Together, they sound like rocker dudes raised on grunge and fixated on metal’s more intellectual offshoots, as heard on hazy stoner jam “It’s the Fear” and the chaotic and slightly terrifying “Skull Faced on a Horse.”

The album, out June 28, was recorded at Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studios and Cassida Studios with award-winning engineer Jeff Leonard, Jr. (Shinedown). A week earlier, the group will play a show June 22 at The EARL, with Dead Now and Young Beasts.