Prince’s Sign Expands for the Times

Prince’s 1987 album Sign O’ the Times endured a convoluted path to fruition. The year prior, he initially had two albums in the works: a full collaboration with his band The Revolution titled Dream Factory, and a solo album called Camille, the latter intended to be promoted as being by a new singer named Camille,… Continue reading Prince’s Sign Expands for the Times

Prince’s 1999 Gets Supersized

With the release of his fifth album 1999 in October 1982, Prince made the leap from a ribald R&B sensation into a massive crossover pop star. Now 37 years later, his estate is partnering with Warner Bros. Records to release a 5-CD/10-LP/DVD jumbo edition packed with rare and previously issued studio and live tracks. Making… Continue reading Prince’s 1999 Gets Supersized

The Replacements Box Their Dead Man’s Pop

Unlike some of their fans at the time (and the band itself), I thoroughly loved The Replacements’ 1989 album Don’t Tell a Soul from the get-go. Their first album with guitarist Slim Dunlap, it may have toned down the band’s blaring raggedness in favor of maturity (gasp!) and a smooth pop sheen (double gasp!), but… Continue reading The Replacements Box Their Dead Man’s Pop

Soul Asylum

Can’t Go Back: Jeff Clark Chats Up Dave Pirner on the Past and Present of Soul Asylum Maybe it sounds silly to some of you now, but there was a time there in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when Soul Asylum were one of the most essential bands in my life. During those years,… Continue reading Soul Asylum

The Jayhawks Keep Things Familiar

Back Roads and Abandoned Motels, a new album from The Jayhawks, will be released on Friday, July 13th. But chances are, you’ve already heard many of its songs… just not these Jayhawks versions. Nine of the 11 tracks are songs that head ‘Hawk Gary Louris co-wrote with other notable singer-songwriters, most of which were recorded… Continue reading The Jayhawks Keep Things Familiar

Husker Nus: Good and Bad

First the good news: On November 10th, the Numero Group will release Savage Young Du, a 4-LP/3-CD box set of Husker Du’s material recorded between 1979 and 1983. Comprised of 69 songs (47 previously unreleased), the box comes with a hardbound book, reproductions of flyers, previously unseen pictures and probably an ear of corn to… Continue reading Husker Nus: Good and Bad

Replacements Show from ’86 Sees Release

On October 8th, Rhino Records will release a live album by The Replacements captured at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey back in February ’86. The original recording, professionally taped by a 24-track mobile studio, was apparently considered for a live album or at least promotional purposes by Sire Records at the time, but nothing came… Continue reading Replacements Show from ’86 Sees Release

Wesley Stace Gets Busy With the Jayhawks

Wesley Stace photographed at his home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 6, 2013.

Wesley Stace, ever the rascal, always has something fun and interesting up his sleeve. Come Feb. 24, he’ll soon regale us with his long-awaited collaboration with the Jayhawks. Wesley Stace’s John Wesley Harding Featuring The Minneapolitan Sounds Of The Jayhawks materialized at Minneapolis’ Flowers Studio, where the Jayhawks recorded Smile. Gary Louris and Stace coproduced.… Continue reading Wesley Stace Gets Busy With the Jayhawks

Stinson Set to Bash & Pop Again

tommy stinson photo by steven cohen

Twenty-five years after Bash & Pop’s rollicking and underrated 1992 debut album, Friday Night is Killing Me, Tommy Stinson’s short-lived post-Replacements gang is following the ‘Mats’ lead by getting back together. Well, actually in name only. But unlike the apparently-already-kaput Replacements rehash, Bash & Pop are recording and releasing a brand new album. Set for… Continue reading Stinson Set to Bash & Pop Again

Trouble Boys: The Real Story of the Replacements

Trouble Boys: The Real Story of The Replacements By Bob Mehr [Da Capo Press] OK, let’s begin here by stating what I’ll assume to be taken as fundamental truths and/or givens for the bulk of Stomp and Stammer readers: 1.) The Replacements were a damned fine band, 2.) in a perfect world, The Replacements would’ve… Continue reading Trouble Boys: The Real Story of the Replacements

Night Moves – Colored Emotions

Subtlety is a skill that’s difficult to master, particularly for the eager to please, who are naturally more prone to overdoing things. Colored Emotions, the debut LP from Minneapolis quartet Night Moves, is a study in the importance of playing it cool. When the band reels in their ambitions, which they generally do, they’re kind… Continue reading Night Moves – Colored Emotions

Buildings – Melt Cry Sleep

Through a slew of bassists, Brian Lake (singer/guitarist) and Travis Kuhlman (drums) have been at it for six years, tackling the incontinent surge in memoriam to bands like Bored!, Big Chief and Bitch Magnet with a distended thud of songs titled “Strange Sleep” and “Wrong Cock.” The echoic din of this Minneapolis trio ups the… Continue reading Buildings – Melt Cry Sleep