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Get Out! September 24 – September 30

Car Seat Headrest plays Variety Playhouse on Monday, Sept. 24 in support of Matador’s release of the re-recorded/re-imagined Twin Fantasy album. What’s that, you dragged your feet on getting tickets? Whoops, it’s sold out!

Get Out! September 17 – September 23

Argentina’s Juana Molina creates peculiar experimental pop that dances the fringes of folk music and trancelike avant-garde electronica, among other ingredients. It’s the kind of music you might imagine insects conjuring after feasting on a field of rotting psilocybin mushrooms, as birds who ate their fill of half the bugs sing strange, unknown calls above it. She performs at The EARL on Thursday, Sept. 20, with opening sets from Kai Riedl (ex-Macha) and Durham-based modular synthesist Ultrabillions.