Back to Burgundy

After 10 years, eldest wayward son Jean (Pio Marmai) returns to rebuild a world he left behind when he rejected the family vineyard and relocated to Australia. First, his goal was to see the world; now with his dad near death, the world has constricted around him when he learns that his two siblings, Juliette and Jeremie, have continued the wine making operation with a perplexed determination in spite of an impending inheritance tax threatening the entire domain. Pulled between his long distance relationship with a wife and son back in Australia and his sense of family honor, Jean hopes to sell off his interest, but once brother Jeremie’s father-in-law offers to buy off parcels of their vineyard, things are complicated further. During the course of their history, director Cédric Klapisch shows how French wine is made to last, like family.