Baroness Complete Color Cycle with Gold & Grey

Onetime Savannah band Baroness, now based in Philly, will release their new album Gold & Grey on June 14 via Abraxan Hymns. Like their other LPs since 2007, this one features a spectacular color-themed cover painting from vocalist, guitarist and band founded John Baizley.

“Like the forthcoming album itself, [the painting] is the result of an intense, tireless and psychotically convoluted creative process,” offered Baizley in a social media post debuting the artwork on March 12. “This painting was born from a deeply personal reflection on the past 12 years of the band’s history, and will stand as the sixth and final piece in our chromatically-themed records. It has been an absolutely wild ride, a truth much stranger than fiction, with nearly as many low points as there have been highs, but throughout it all, this band has offered me an inspired place to express myself and find some level of comfort through our visual and sonic output… Don’t look too closely [at the cover], you might just see all the hidden elements.”

Produced by Dave Fridmann, Gold & Grey marks guitarist Gina Gleason’s recorded debut with the band.