From Russia with Kedr Livanskiy

While the current electronic music landscape is stiflingly littered with superstar DJs and their numbingly interchangeable, pulsating dance club/festival fodder, there are those rare few offroad explorers following their own chosen paths.

Hailing from Moscow, singer/producer Kedr Livanskiy certainly belongs to that small, select latter tribe. The young Russian experimentalist has just released her sophomore album, Your Need, a curiously mesmerizing mesh of sounds and ghostly yet emotive vocals that bridges the span between krautrock and breakbeat, between house and ambient, and between pop and the underground. Imaginative/weird videos, too! Her clip for “Kiska,” off the new LP, is like a trailer for a David Cronenberg film!

Livanskiy is only playing five cities on her US tour to support Your Need, and for a change, Atlanta’s on the list! Don’t miss her at 529 on Friday, July 5!

Photo by Dmytrij Wulffius.