Carbonas Singles, Rare Tracks Compiled

New Goner Records compilation Your Moral Superiors: Singles and Rarities tells the Carbonas story from the band’s 2001 formation until the end in 2009, when the group demoed songs that’d be recorded later by singer Greg King’s G.G. King project and guitarist Josh Martin’s New York punk trio Ex-Humans.

It’s cool to have all of the band’s singles on one double LP, grouping the peak one-two punch of “Blackout (Waiting to Happen)” and “(Your Love Is) Inside Out” (both recorded in 2004) with that awesome cover of the Zero Boys’ “Stoned to Death” and other goodies from the group’s 7-inch discography.

The real selling point for us nerds who already own those songs, though, is eight of the band’s earliest demos. Future selections from debut album Scene Killer sound way better in their original “budget rock” form, with the late B Jay Womack (aka Bobby Ubangi) on guitar. Even Scene Killer’s high spot, a cover of the Electric Eels’ “Jaguar Ride,” is best served raw.

In other Carbonas news, they’ll be reuniting once again next March to play the Fuzzville Festival in Spain. That’s the only planned show from here on out, but we’ve all heard that one before.