Chrome Castle Drop the Mics

Chrome Castle take the groovy sounds of ‘60s garage stomp, ‘80s college rock, cosmic country and gently shimmering psychedelia and strip out the vocal cords, rendering instrumental concoctions that are expressive in their simple ways, ultimately leaving the meaning up to the listener.

The Atlanta quartet’s self-titled debut album on Midnight Cruiser Records offers a dozen snappy excursions (plus a downloadable bonus cut) into wide open soundtracks. Employing copious reverb, they’re neither Surf nor Spaghetti Western, but there are vague touches here and there along with everything else. Hate to be so obvious, but Chrome Castle are sorta like the new Love Tractor. Which, given guitarists Craig Bennett and Robert Lee’s history within the Athens and Atlanta music scenes, is probably not lost on them. They previously played together in the mid ‘90s local band Cork, and are both accomplished visual artists. So, naturally, given Robert’s success with his Methane Studios graphic design firm, his cover art and poster for Chrome Castle are wildly eye-catching.

There’s a release show for Chrome Castle happening at The EARL on Friday, Feb. 14, and they’re also playing Flicker Bar in Athens on Friday, Feb. 21.

Photo by John Boydston.