Forsaken Profits Scorch and Destroy

A supporter of Forsaken Profits’ Bandcamp page named Larry Parker wrote the best summary you’ll ever read about the band, calling new album Destroy the Evidence “perfect church and school zone music.”

That’s an apt description of music that’s dialed into the suburban rage and youthful rebellion fueling thrash metal, hardcore punk and other sounds captured throughout the band’s new 16-song album.

Like Reagan Youth and other heavy-hitting punk bands of yore, the band rails against rednecks, the local minister and other normcore narcs with “Crusader,” “Shove It” and “No Gods.”

There’s also a lighter side to Forsaken Profits, as heard on the intentionally silly “Revenge of the Taco Monster” and an eight-second ode to cracking open a Coors Light. Sure, you’ve heard social-minded rants for years, whether you hung out at the local stake park, The Point or 529, but tales of Taco Monsters surely elude your punk rock playlist.