Rod Hamdallah’s Debut EP Now on Vinyl

Previously available digitally and on compact disc, Rod Hamdallah’s debut EP, Think About It, is now out on vinyl courtesy of Berlin, Germany garage punk label Hound Gawd! Records.

In other words, if you haven’t heard it yet, now is a prime time to get your mitts on a copy and have your innards readjusted by the primal garage-punk-blues Hamdallah and cohorts (on this particular slab: Adam Holliday on organ, piano and accordion, Gabriel Pline on drums) rip out like they’re gutting a pack of live alligators in a sweltering swamp. Having logged many miles playing in the Legendary Shack Shakers and the Dirt Daubers, Hamdallah is a top-notch guitar wrangler, juggling raw power and nuance, and his simple, effective songs prove he’s got plenty going on under that ever-present cap of his.

His pal J.D. Wilkes, leader of both the Shack Shakers and Dirt Daubers, lends a hand on the track “Carry You Home,” playing banjo and Wurlitzer piano. Wilkes also painted the cover art, which portrays Hamdallah as a turban-wearing Sheik Yerbouti, playing on the assumptions some might make based on his name alone.

Rod’s on tour throughout the Southeast and Midwest during the front half of May, but rest assured, he’ll be back on his favorite Atlanta stages before you know it.

Photo by Tim Song.