What’s Warm Red and Heard All Over?

Warm Red isn’t the name of a soda that’s unavailable this far south of Pittsburgh. Instead, it’s a no wave inspired band featuring some familiar faces from Atlanta’s hardcore punk scene. Together, the four-piece maintains the usual descriptors (aggressive, frenetic, D.I.Y., best served live, etc.) while drawing comparisons to Mayyors, U-J3RK5 and other aggressive, frenetic, etc. bands from outside of New York.

For a small taste of one of Atlanta’s best new bands, check out the group’s new Chunklet 7-inch. A-side “Big Tiger” sneaks in angular guitar riffs that’re downright catchy, while its flipside “S.A.M.” sounds more like two-and-a-half minutes of bottled-up fury. Both represent the latest musical growth of a scene that in past years evolved alongside such imaginative bands as Uniform and Mutual Jerk.

As often happens with most 7-inchers, it’ll leave punks wanting more. Fortunately, local imprint State Laughter still has copies of Warm Red’s debut six-song cassette, The Way Felt Feels. If you make it to The EARL early enough on Sept. 16, you can see them kick off a long night of loud rowdiness. And they’re also on the bill (along with Mutual Jerk) opening for B Boys at The EARL on Oct. 3.